We are focused on understanding and grooming Talents who are Passionate about their Purpose in Life and the Positive Value of their Work, Expertise and Livelihood.

We care about designing and creating the Best Workplace Environment and Appreciative Culture for Talents to flourish and grow.

We curate and cultivate Emotional Intelligence to promote Self and Leadership growth and maturity.

Ultimately, we are passionate about people and enabling them to live life with Avidity!



Avidity International is Leadership Learning & Development Consultancy that specialises in helping corporate organisations improve their employee’s Leadership capabilities.

Avidity International leverages strongly on the concept of Evolutionary Change rather than Transformational Change; Evolutionary Change comes from the angle that people can evolve and improve from a stand point where they are already at, they leverage on strengths that are already available.

Therefore, the desired change doesn't change or transform a person entirely, instead it allows the person to EVOLVE from Good to Great. Avidity International serves to be the catalyst to expedite this Evolutionary Change.

Avidity International derives its core and identity from two profound foundations, namely the Emotional Intelligence and the Solution­Focused Approach.

The Emotional Intelligence Approach provides a deeper roadmap for Leadership Development; it heals and grooms leaders from the inside­out, usually tackling the most pertinent of leadership challenges at the core. We believe that Leadership should be defined and measured by the relationship between the leader and the people; one of the best science and insights we have to develop relationships is via the Emotional Intelligence Approach.

The Solution‐Focused Approach on the other hand, complements Leadership development by providing more refined thinking and language patterns. Some of the basic beliefs of the Solution-Focused Approach are: "if it works, don't fix it", "if it doesn't work, do something different", "change is constant and inevitable", "the future is negotiated and created", "small solutions can lead to large changes" and "no problem happens all the time". In essence the Solution-Focused approach provides advance “solutioning” techniques that are more positive, collaborative and appreciative in nature.


Our solutions and product offerings are an amalgamation of years of research and corporate experience. We pride ourselves in providing Advanced Leadership and Talent Assessment, Training & Developmental Programs and Executive Coaching solutions that are certified and franchised internationally.



The Leadership Development portfolio specialises in enhancing leaders and people managers in the areas of mental and emotional maturity, advance team development and coaching competencies.

1. Leadership Training Programs

1.1 Solution-Focused (SF) Coaching Skills for Leaders
This program up-skills the leaders with advanced coaching techniques that are derived from the SF Approach. The SF Approach is a distinctive way of utilizing specific interactions with regard to people’s preferred future, existing resources and signs of progress.

  • Goes deeper from operational day-to‐day coaching to advanced leadership coaching skills.
  • Understand the psychological aspect of coaching; understand impact of Language, Reframing Best Hopes, and how Small Progress leads to Big Change.
  • Up-skills Leaders with well-researched techniques: advance Questioning, Scaling, the BRIEF Model, and Feedback.
  • Best for Leaders who engage in deep crucial conversations.

1.2 Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
This program challenges leaders to reflect upon the relationship and impact of their emotional maturity and stability on their overall leadership effectiveness.

  • Understand that organisations are nothing but an interlock of people relationship; understand the impact of emotions and how to use it to our advantage.
  • Strengthens the internal foundation of Leaders but focusing on Self­Esteem, Vision, Mental Maturity & Stability, Resonance and Happiness.
  • Best for Leaders who strategically maneuver people to get best results rather than technical and operational managers.

1.3 Advanced Team Development
This program goes deeper into the psychological and emotional intelligence (EQ) aspects of inter-personal relationships on high performing teams, it aims to establish a higher sense of purpose and greater alignment, increased trust in one another and well as greater perceived respect.

  • Move from Self-centric to Us-centric, understanding each interaction is unique and dynamic.
  • Learn the application of Strength-Based Leadership in a team setting.
  • Move from a competitive model to a Collaborative Model, creating synergies via complementing each other’s strengths.
  • Best for teams who rely significantly on each other and ready to go beyond task into relationship and trust building.

1.4 The Solution Lense Program
The Solution Lense Approach is an advanced alternative towards your typical problem solving programs. The foundation of the program leverages on a unique fusion between the Solution‐Focused (SF) approach and concepts from Photography.

  • Learn “solutioning” that incorporate concepts like Imaging, Focusing, Perspectives, Filters, Lenses, Framing and Reframing from Photography.
  • Understand the difference between problem solving for task and technical problems and Solution-Building for people and relationships.
  • Appreciate a language shift from root‐cause analysis to resource building.
  • Best for Leaders who seek to View daily challenges with an alternative Lense.

2. Executive Coaching

2.1 Business Coaching is a 1 on 1 engagement where the business coach helps business owners and corporate leaders realise the fundamental ingredient to transform business positively and the ability to change relationship and attitude towards it.

2.2 Leadership Coaching is a formal engagement in which a qualified coach works with an organisational leader in a series of dynamic, confidential sessions designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business effectiveness, both for the individual and the organisation.



The Organisational Development portfolio focuses on assisting organisations to become Emotionally Intelligent. Its effectiveness springs from its comprehensive design and conditioning of two major components in an organisation; the people and its infrastructure.

1. SunShine Organisation™

This a great alternative to the typical team-building activity-based program. The program reframes the corporate culture with positive language, understanding personalities, appreciation for idiosyncrasies, leveraging on strengths, and ultimately building a positive and happier working environment.

  • In essence this program focuses on positive “culture-hacking”;
  • Reminds the participants about appreciation and a sense of belonging to the organisation.
  • Reprograms language and behavior patterns to reflect one that’s positive and appreciative.
  • Rediscover and affirms the sense of purpose and reigniting passion for success.
  • Bring SunShine and Happiness to the work place.
  • Best for organisation who wants to reinvigorate morale and passion.

2. Celebrating Talents™

Is a unique movement that drives the need to celebrate and appreciate the core of every organisation, its people. Its most unique feature is the creation of the Heart of the Organisation, a wall decorated with pictures in appreciation of every employee in the organisation and the application of the Appreciative Calendar, a listing of series of engagement activities that is specifically designed to uplift and appreciate your people, your talents.

  • The movement calls for leaders and organisation to recognise the need to care for their talent’s welfare.
  • We design and create conducive corporate culture that encourages their people to be emotionally aware and sensitive, emotionally developed and emotionally intelligent.
  • We want to promote and encourage organisation to spur performance and productivity by first recognising and appreciating their talent for who they are and not for what they do.
  • We encourage organisation to treat people as human first and not staff and employees; we ask how have you grown in this organisation instead of how much have your produced for this organisation.



The Leadership Insights portfolio is the intelligence portfolio that focuses on producing Leadership Assessment, Tips, Articles, Infographics, Surveys, Interviews, Podcast, and Videos that revolves around Leadership Development. The main focus of this portfolio is to assess, collate, translate or disseminate profound information that leads to helping leaders make better decision and development.

A. Strategic Talent Assessment
We believe that knowledge is power. We believe in raising awareness by means of the best assessment tools to uncover one’s true personality, behavioral traits and the level of emotional intelligence.

  • Especially for organisation that does not have Assessment Centre or does not utilise any assessment tools, we act as the neutral third party to assess candidates.
  • Part of the assessment includes assessing the candidate’s language and behavior pattern to create a more comprehensive candidate profile.
  • Ultimately, we become your strategic partner that matches the most suitable candidate to the right job with the right attitude.

B. The EQi 2.0 and EQ360
Emotional Intelligence can be reliably measured and benchmarked. The EQi 2.0 has been the globally leading test for measuring EQ for decades and continues to be the leading psychometric tool for assessment & development of Emotional Intelligence.

  • The tool is based on over 20 years of research and has gone through extensive independent validation. Major governments and multinational companies have adopted the EQi for assessment, selection, coaching and development purposes.
  • Why the EQi 2.0:
    • Has undergone scientifically rigorous validity and reliability tests.
    • Can assess, predict and develop performance.
    • Effective tool for coaching and development.
    • Used in more than 45 countries worldwide.
    • Used in Singapore and Asia since 2001.
    • Listed in the Buros Yearbook of Mental Measurements.

C. Coach Readiness Audit
The Coach Readiness Audit (CRA) is the best tool to assist you in assessing your current proficiency as a coach. The assessment tool is formulated and tabulated based on patterns of values associated with carefully selected composites and other characteristics that underlie effective performance as a coach.

  • Gain a better understanding of your comprehension of Coaching. Ultimately gauging your Readiness to Coach.
  • Develop specific areas of Coaching Competencies and Effectiveness of your Coaching practice.
  • Measure and benchmark the current state of readiness and competencies of potential coaches; consequently, strategically design a Coaching Culture framework that addresses the gaps.

D. AvidityInsights Channel
The AvidityInsights Channel is a YouTube channel that is dedicated towards featuring ordinary people who are influencing and creating extraordinary positive changes both locally and globally. The conversation ranges from Leadership, to Passion, to People & Relationships, to Inspiring Stories or merely meaningful sharing. Subscribe and follow us to give voice to your every day unsung heroes.

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